Deep Transit’s ‘Embrace’ Hits the London FM Digital Daily A-List Playlist: Unveiling the Musical Magic of Rob Mitchell’s Eclectic Style and Unstoppable Energy

We are pleased to announce that the mesmerizing new single ‘Embrace’ from ‘Deep Transit’ is on the London FM Digital Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will be played daily as a special DAILY POWERPLAY at 5:45 PM GMT time for the next month.

Versatile music artist Deep Transit is offering a new creative wave in the music industry with his latest creations. Check out his latest works of dance music and hip-hop.

Introducing Deep Transit, the artist who is capable of creating magic with his musical creations. Influenced by dance music and the retro flavors from the ‘80s and ‘90s, he offers musical works that can create a bridge between the past and the present. There is a blended essence of R&B, Hip hop, and electronic dance Rob being a versatile producer, songwriter, and recording artist; he is also capable of offering a poetic lyrical touch that makes it even more engaging for all kinds of listeners. Some of his recent singles like, ‘Faith’, ‘Liberate’, “Step it up”, etc are some of the best examples of his musical craft, talent, and skills.

A Dive Into Deep Transit’s Excellent Music – “Elevate” LP, “Everything Rhythm” Album, and Much More!

Far from standard and monotonous genres structures, with his project Deep Transit, Mitchell infuses the contemporary music scene with captivating and engaging tracks such as the number 1 hit on “Liberate,” and the number # 1 hit “Keep on Dancing.”“Embrace” develops quickly thanks to the harmonic crescendo of synths and vocals of the first verse. The Deep House/Techno House vibes are evident and lead to the memorable Rap part of the choruses, which sit perfectly with the brilliant beat. The production is smooth and efficient, giving the track top-quality levels that make the whole song flow smoothly from start to finish! A fantastic balance between arrangement and songwriting makes this song a rare gem of contemporary music! Well done!

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How Rob Mitchell aka Deep Transit is Shaking Up the Music Scene With His Eclectic Style and Unstoppable Energy

Ladies and gents, gather ’round and get ready to groove, because today we’re diving deep into the world of Deep Transit, the electrifying musical sensation that’s got everyone’s hearts pumpin’ and feet tappin’. Rob Mitchell, the man behind the magic, has been tearing up the scene with his unique blend of ’90s Chicago deep house, tech house, hip-hop, rap, and R&B, and we can’t get enough. So strap in and join us on this wild ride through the life and times of this musical maverick.

Rob’s inspiration springs from a rich well of artists, drawing from the likes of Larry Heard, Herbie Hancock and dance music.