International Spotlight: Shaun Young. Catchy Indie pop sounds from new single The Hours

Shaun Young is an aspiring singer-songwriter from the outskirts of Johannesburg, South African, born and bred.

He has always had a deep-rooted passion for pop music, and always wanted to share the music hidden inside of him with others.

The first single THE HOURS off his EP ‘A Heavy Heart’ is about the daily rush, and the challenge it creates in pursuing the love you yearn for.

His birth as an aspiring artist started behind the keys of many pianos from a very young age, which later morphed into song writing, mainly about love lost, love found, and growing up in the ethnic urban city that is Msanzi.

To introduce and celebrate the release of his new EP, “A Heavy Heart”, Shaun presented his songbook live in concert, featuring other acclaimed young musicians alongside him, during an intimate EP launch in Pretoria at the beginning of December 2019.

Since then, the world has changed dramatically, yet Shaun wants everyone to become part of the start of this new journey into the unknown.

When speaking of the single from his new EP, Shaun nostalgically recollects the following – “Having a relatively serious and demanding corporate career can, at times, consume you. At one stage I could only remember waking up, working, going to bed, over and over again. In between I could remember blurry city lights at night and the yearning to make a relationship work, regardless of distance or circumstances. So I latched onto this idea that my circumstances would change and I could be reunited with the love I lost.  Melodically and lyrically I came up with a song about the daily rush,

and the challenge it creates in pursuing the love you yearn for.”


“The Hours” was written by Shaun himself and produced by Pop Kult. The deep genuine heartfelt vocals are perfectly accompanied by the flowing pop sounds. Shaun Young has a bright future – far from the daily grind