‘Li Scott’ Shines Bright: From Monmouth to Apollo, Her Journey to Greatness Continues with ‘Listen’ on the playlist.

Destined for greatness, to some people it’s just a cliché, but for Li Scott it is her birthright. Born in Monmouth, NJ, Li’s mother knew her daughter was talented and loved to perform since the tender age of 5. Li performed on stages both small and large, she has graced the stages of local talent shows to the world-renowned Apollo theater.


The new single ”Listen” from ‘Li Scott’ is now on the daily A-List Playlist + will also be played daily as a special POWERPLAY at 3 PM UK time every afternoon for a month or more.

Li is multitalented and creative. Not only does she embody the elements of a superstar on stage and on-screen, but her audacious and unpredictable personality has opened up doors for her. Delving into heartfelt frustration, Li’s latest release ”Listen” is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt unheard in a relationship, capturing raw emotions and vulnerability.

Li’s music versatility gives fans an in-depth look at her unique views on love and relationships. She’s the voice of today’s unapologetic woman, she’s bold, edgy and in control.