Lillia Kysil’s humanitarian anthem ‘You’re Omran’ Continues to Soar on London FM Digital’s New Music 2024 Playlist

We are excited to share that due to popular demand ‘You’re Omran’ by Lillia Kysil will continue to be featured on London FM’s New Music 2024 Playlist! Tune in any time of the day to catch it, and don’t miss the special daily HUMANITARIAN POWERPLAY at 6 PM GMT every night for the next 7 months.

‘You’re Omran’ by Lillia Kysil is a poignant humanitarian initiative aimed at spotlighting the plight of children in Gaza, Ukraine, and Syria. This song, a non-profit parody, stands as a heartfelt tribute to a child from Aleppo who has endured unimaginable hardship.

This project solely aims to raise awareness and express love for these children affected by conflicts in the Gaza Strip, Ukraine, and Syria. The song’s dreamy, ethereal pop vibes carry an uplifting message, featuring potent vocals and infectious dance beats and synths that linger with you.

‘You’re Omran’ seeks to illuminate the struggles of these forgotten children, aiming to spark hope for a safer future for all children globally. Dedicated to Omran Daqneesh, this incredible single serves as a reminder of the ongoing suffering endured by children in these regions.