Magnetic Beats and Seductive Rhythms: Experience “I Want Your Sex” by DJKC & The Cool Caps now on the playlist.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘I Want Your Sex’ from DJKC & The Cool Caps and has placed it on the A-List playlist. Listen out for this awesome new single during the day and night on the playlist + as a special daily EDM POWERPLAY at approx 7:35 PM UK Time every night for a month or more.

The enigmatic outfit known as The Cool Caps unveil their latest sonic creation, a mesmerizing EDM track titled “I Want Your Sex.” From the moment the first beat resonates, the listener is transported into a realm of pulsating energy and irresistible allure.

“I Want Your Sex” is an audacious amalgamation of electronic elements meticulously crafted to ignite the dancefloor. The Cool Caps have masterfully blended driving rhythms and infectious beats, forming the foundation upon which the track thrives. The throbbing basslines create a hypnotic pulse that intertwines with the soaring synthesizer melodies, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that electrifies the senses.

With each passing moment, “I Want Your Sex” intensifies, building anticipation and unleashing an explosive surge of energy during its climactic drops. The track’s melodic and strong vocals, intricately weaved throughout, add an alluring and provocative layer, further enhancing its seductive aura.

Underneath the layers of sonic wizardry, The Cool Caps masterful production shines through, showcasing their expertise in creating an immersive and captivating EDM experience. “I Want Your Sex” is a testament to their unique artistry and ability to push boundaries, leaving listeners craving more.

As the speakers reverberate with the infectious beats of “I Want Your Sex,” the dancefloor becomes a space of uninhibited expression. The track’s undeniable allure entices bodies to move in sync, forging connections and evoking a shared sense of euphoria.

With “I Want Your Sex,” The Cool Caps have once again demonstrated their ability to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the EDM landscape. Prepare to surrender to the irresistible rhythm and magnetic charm of The Cool Caps’ latest creation as “I Want Your Sex” takes the world by storm.



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