‘Real Love’ the new single from ‘Contrell’ with it’s relaxing, entrancing and mellow vibe is now on the London FM Playlist

The head of music at Londonfm.digital said he loved ‘Real Love’ the new single from ‘Contrell’ with it’s relaxing, entrancing and mellow vibe, catchy lyrics and strong, melodic, soulful and dreamy vocals on top of hypnotic beats. It’s now on the playlist and will be played 2-3 times a day in general rotation + as a daily powerplay at 1:30 PM UK time daily.

Contrell, a Kansas City-based one-of-a-kind artist and producer, has released his latest hip hop-tinged R & B smash, “Real Love.” Purpose, talent, and artistry come together in the incredibly entertaining new music – this new song is a powerful testament to the artist’s ability and profundity.

We soon get into the heart of the vocals, the artist’s core energy and wordplay keeping things fresh and laden with uniqueness regardless of topic. In this scenario, the prose has a conceptual pulse that fits the level of the vastness of the music, effectively introducing the composition.

Easily one of the most captivating hip-hop and R&B blends to emerge this year. The tune features excellent story-telling and cleanly-mixed vocals that meander seamlessly over a dynamically novel background.

An arena of dreamy, melodic voices and an engaging hip hop rhythm emerge for a vibrant, passionate, and infectious “Real Love,” with catchy riff-work setting an organic, contemplative tone.

Contrell drives with purpose and intimacy through a vintage verse and contemporary hook, blending the sound of yesteryear with a splash of current effects for a true hit of diversity and relevance.

A classic song of emotional depth and literary intensity, employing melodic simplicity while the vocals entice you in, and the entire thing inspires and softly motivates you once more. Another hip hop and RnB gem, beautifully created – admittedly from an artist who refuses to lower the bar throughout.

Contrell is an artist who works from a clear perspective and authenticity, and he only delivers the most emotional, meaningful music. With each new tune gaining popularity among fans, the future appears to be bright.

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