The new single ‘Alte Geister’ from ‘Basement Prophet’ with its dreamy, mysterious, jazzy, trippy and bouncy melodic production is on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Alte Geister’ from ‘Basement Prophet’ Feat Nanouk and Krizu MC, with its dreamy, mysterious, jazzy, trippy and bouncy melodic production, that grooves and moves in a cool stylish fashion, with great beats and exceptional vocals/rap, that work perfectly together in delivering an outstanding performance and sound. This great new single is now on the daily playlist and will be played throughout the day and night in general rotation + as a special powerplay at approx 5:15 PM UK time every day for a month or more.

Basement Prophet is a newcomer from Germany, Bavaria. He is a selfmade producer and musician. 2020 was a hell of a start. Even though Basement Prophet’s first studio burned down and situations were heavy the outcome was epic.

2021 was special:
A local Release party and a new album.
2022 things started working out: Festivals, Concerts, a new crew and the Album Götterdämmerung.
His passion is and always will be music. He wants to form an unique sound. A sound no one else has.
Influenced by musicians like “Falco” but also by new sounds like “Juice WRLD”, “Polo G”, “Oliver Tree” and “Ufo361”.

Somehow people are focused strongly on the quality and budget of productions. So strong that they forget even the ‘The Rolling Stones’ started in small venues. Everyone expects you to be known from the start. But more important is the journey which leads you there. I just want to create my own sound. Something that will be remembered.
Dreaming big, working harder.