The new single ‘Destiny Divides’ from ‘Knut Ingmar Merødningen’ with it’s incredible atmosphere and pounding epic movie soundtrack is on the playlist now

The head of music said he loved the new single ‘Destiny Divides’ from ‘Knut Ingmar Merødningen‘ with it’s incredible atmosphere, pounding epic movie drums, angelic voice and melodic melody, that builds into a pulsating and infectious cinematic production that sends shivers down your spine and evokes pure emotion and drama in the heart. The single is now on the playlist daily and will be played 2-3 times a day in general rotation + as a powerplay daily at approx 5:55 PM UK time for a month.

A prolific composer, Knut Ingmar Merødningen has spent the past few years building an exceptionally innovative discography. In 2022 alone, he has released two full length albums, totaling sixty-seven songs, each one with a unique life of its own. With his latest
album, he has created his most immersive experience to date.

Many of the mind-bending sounds on ‘Beginnings’ can be attributed to Knut’s infatuation
with artificial intelligence. Starting with the opening drones of the title track, one can
clearly hear the combined talents of man and machine. The epic ‘Destiny Divides’ places
a soaring human voice side by side with thunderous digital percussion, resulting in a
spellbinding track.

‘Beginnings’ is an unpredictable album, with dissonant harmonies often giving way to
moments of unexpected beauty. On album highlight ‘Explorer,’ Knut takes the listener
on a strange journey through an expansive soundscape before settling into the dark ambiance of ‘Deaths Salute.’ With Thirty three tracks to its name, one can find a seemingly
infinite level of detail in these tracks, giving the listener plenty of reasons to re-listen.
For fans of adventurous, futuristic music, ‘Beginnings’ will be a revelation.
‘Beginnings’ & ‘Vibrations of Existence’ are available everywhere now.