The new single ‘Find Out’ from ‘Teon Gibbs’ with it’s well written songwriting strength, making it sound like a classic with hot modern classy beats is on the playlist now

The head of music for said he loved the new single ‘Find Out’ from ‘Teon Gibbs‘ with it’s well written songwriting strength, making it sound like a classic with hot modern classy beats and a sleek cool production under strong, soulful and melodic vocals that deliver a melody in the chorus that never leaves your head, it’s catchy with great pop sensibility. It’s on the playlist now and will be played 2-3 times a day + as a daily powerplay at approx 8:15 PM UK time for a month.

The sonic rendezvous of Teon Gibbs and award winning producer Chin Injeti is one of the most anticipated of 2022. Following their pairing on Injeti’s For the Love of Life in early 2021 the two collaborators have been exploring their creative limits together. After months of experimentation the duo finally offer us Find Out.

Find Out excels with its tantalizing luster, warm sonic palette, edgy vocal delivery and quick witted story-telling. In addition to Teon’s vocal magnetism we are able to sense the guidance of veteran producer and multi-instrumentalist Chin Injeti. “We don’t want to just take the cookie cutter approach to making music, we want to be cutting edge and raise the bar” says Injeti. And with this approach the two have been able to create a world in which the listener is fully engulfed by their hypnotic musings. The core sound is one that blends soulful chords, dark 80s rhythms, diverse formant shifting and live instrumentation to be the nocturnal canvas to which Gibbs can display an intimate understanding of who he is.

Find Out is a song about holding on to a relationship when the other person has checked out. I feel like that’s kind of how things go these days… we’ve all been through something like that. People are so emotionally closed off that it gets hard to be vulnerable. That’s what this song is for me: vulnerability. Not only in the feeling but in the performance. I’m taking risks and pushing myself to do things I’ve never done before” says Gibbs. Teon’s choice to explore vocal melodies in this way is met with a sweet sentiment and innocence reminiscent of early 2010s  Kanye West and is the beginning of a new wave of inspiration to connect deeper with his listeners. 


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