The new single ‘I Understand’ from ‘Lavender Jones M.D.’ with it’s direct, pure, honest and efficient rap/flow is on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘I Understand’ from artist and author ‘Lavender Jones M.D‘, with it’s direct, pure, honest, melodic and efficient rap/flow, that is delivered in a distinctive and clear vocal style, spitting about Depression, and not letting it affect your success. This inspiring heartfelt single is piano and beat driven and is a serious, but melodic and dreamy jazzy rap single, that goes down well alongside his various book publications. For that reason, it’s now on the London Playlist and will be played 2-3 times a day + as a special new music powerplay at approx 4:15 PM UK time for a month or more.

Lavender Jones M.D. is open and willing to understand reality with himself as well as others! Growing up was always difficult for Lavender Jones as he lived his life in foster care! From being bullied to being mistreated in various ways it was difficult to grow and understand like most kids how to be self-independent. But throughout time by gaining as well as building character Lavender Jones has helped a lot of people to become better, stronger, wiser, and most importantly one with themselves.

The official music video is a better insight into the song as well as the promo of the books that come with the song.

Lavender Jones M.D. has always been known to hold genuine people close to heart with intentions to help “ for a better tomorrow”. “I’m learning every day, and growing every day! I can’t change overnight, but change over time.”