The new single ‘It’s Not You’ from ‘Anacy’ with it’s dreamy, majestic and ethereal ‘Laurie Anderson’ esque, beautiful robotic vocals is on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘It’s Not You’ from ‘Anacy‘ with it’s dreamy, majestic and ethereal ‘Laurie Anderson’ esque, beautiful robotic vocals, lush soundscape and uplifting dance music vibe, that reminds us of ‘Above and Beyond’ crossed with Billie Eilish and Florence and The Machine, excellent and out of this world. It’s now been placed on the London FM Digital playlist and will be played in general rotation throughout the day and night + as a special ‘International new music’ powerplay at approx 5:15 PM UK time for a month or more.

Cape Town based indie pop female singer Anacy has been releasing a selection of singles over the last few years slowly cementing her as a true indie visionary and each single solidifies her undeniable talent and passion for her art.

Having recently signed a publishing and distribution deal with Gallo Record Company and CCA (Content Direct Africa), Anacy is finding the vehicle she needs to hone her talent and find her real voice. Already with an established fanbase and previous radio success with her single ‘My Sweet Lullaby’ – Anacy is set to become a household name.

The new single has been sitting in her musical archives waiting to be born at the right time. Anacy notes – “This single has been a long and slow process. It was the first single I actually started recording for the EP (March 2021). However due to grieving the loss of several loved ones last year I ended up putting it on hold and focusing on other singles, ‘My Sweet Lullaby’ and ‘Dance Better That Way’, as a form of therapeutic catharsis”.

I started working on ‘It’s Not You’ again at the beginning of this year. I completely altered and transformed the production and vocals of the track and gave it more of an upbeat dance vibe.

Hopefully the single will be worth the wait, the hard work will pay off and people will love the track as much as I do.

Anacy explains the emotion and sentiment behind this powerful song. “This single was recorded at a time when my parents were going through a divorce and I was grieving the death of two very close friends of mine (in March and October). I just wanted to not focus on any romantic relationship and pour my heart into my work, fitness, mental health, friends and family”.

It’s Not You concept is about fearful avoidance and how people with this type of attachment style tend to accept the love they think they deserve and usually run away from healthy secure partners as they think they are unworthy and will ruin the potential partner’s life.

The song also highlights how I often have been compared to a robotic machine as I love keeping myself busy with work and enjoy exercising (am a professional South African vaulter and spent my childhood representing my country overseas) which leaves hardly any time for a social life. I have always prioritised my career over having a romantic relationship, which many of my colleagues, peers, friends and family members fail to comprehend or understand. 

This song was recorded and produced at Cosher Studios. Over the years Anacy has developed a close working relationship with Howard Edward, Colin Sher, Tanner Mason and Ross Rowley.

The song is about learning to love and believe in oneself and trust that you are worthy of love and healthy relationships. It also encourages one to not let other people dictate how you should live your life. Life is precious and is too short to be consumed by negative energy and it is only once we eliminate pessimistic thoughts/people do we thrive. Don’t be ashamed to say no, set healthy boundaries/standards and be unapologetically yourself no matter what others think.

Anacy is also a talented Radio Presenter and a lover of intelligent music. Heavily inspired by artists like Tracy Chapman, Katie Malua, London Grammar, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Florence and the Machine, Birdy, Anacy is putting her own spin on the alternative pop/dance genre.


‘It’s Not You’ Is out on all major platforms.