The new singles ‘Luv Ya’ and ‘Here We Are’ from ‘Shaka D’akan’ with their laid-back reggae groove and smooth soulful vocals are on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Luv Ya’ from  Shaka D’akan with its laid-back groove, smooth soulful vocals and irresistible beat, that meanders down a reggae meets Highlife vibe of pure mellow bliss. This smooth track has a beautiful production including uplifting brass, funky guitars and incredible percussion. This mood enhancing track is designed to put you in a good mood and so we have placed it onto the playlist and it will be played all day and night in general rotation.

Shaka D’akan has also released another incredible new single entitled ‘Here We Are’ that has an infectious groove, glorious brass, groovy production and the melodic, heartfelt vocals of Shaka D’akan.

Both tracks can be heard back-to-back as a special REGGAE DOUBLEPLAY at approx 5:35 PM UK time every evening for a month or more.

Shaka D’akan is a multitalented singer-songwriter and music producer in whose heart stirs a fiery love for music upon which he is developing a sound and career designed to take him to the highest reaches of success.

He makes Afro Reggae – an emerging genre that is a special blend of traditional Reggae and Ghanaian Highlife, coupled with intellectual wordplay to constitute his unique style. Shaka has created some of the most fiercely independent music to hit the airwaves by writing and producing atmospheric, energizing, and heart-touching rhythms that take listeners on an intensely personal journey.


Shaka Dakan