The voluptuous pop and disco of Esteban’s “Fool Girl” Debuts on London FM Digital A-List Playlist with Special Powerplay

We are pleased to announce that the lush, melodic and funky new single ‘Fool Girl’ from ‘Esteban’ is now on London FM Digital’s prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special POWERPLAY at 5 PM GMT time, to get your night grooving for the next month.

Esteban Unveils “Fool Girl”

Between voluptuous pop and a hint of disco, singer Esteban reveals his new song “Fool Girl,” the first track released from his album “Enjoy.”

A Few Words About Esteban

Esteban’s journey is that of an artist whose passion for music has constantly renewed and evolved. Born in central Brittany, he learned to play the bass at the age of 15. With his brothers, he formed the group “Inedit Band,” performing at local dances and weddings. With this project, Esteban not only covered classics but also offered his own compositions to his audience, revealing his gift for writing and music.

His passion for composition led him to self-produce his first album in 2006, followed closely by “YALLAH” in 2008, a pop album praised for its poignant lyrics in French. These early efforts earned him critical acclaim in Brittany, marked by glowing reviews and memorable concerts, notably in Loudéac where his performance was described as an “enchanted journey” for the audience.

Between 2015 and 2016, Esteban expanded his horizons by producing various artists, including Veronica Singh on the album “Ten Sparks.” In 2017, he formed the group The Reason Why and released the album “La vie en équilibre,” praised for its melodic work. However, following artistic differences, the group disbanded.

After a creative stay in Senegal, Esteban returned in 2021 with “AFRICA,” a rich and varied album that affirmed his vocal and compositional mastery. In 2024, he collaborated with renowned guitarist Michel Ayme for his latest album “Enjoy,” recorded at Labomatic Studio by Dominique Blanc Francart.

The Birth of “Fool Girl”

Today, Esteban presents “Fool Girl,” the first single from his new album “Enjoy.” Inspired by a friend with an exuberant and bold personality, known for her spontaneous escapades—whether dancing on bistro tables or storming the stage during fashion shows—this song captures both the fiery energy and hidden sensitivity of this unique friend. “Fool Girl” is a musical exploration of the duality between apparent carefreeness and deep emotional fractures that characterize the brightest individuals among us.

The song stands out with its mix of pop and disco, evoking contemporary influences such as Clara Luciani, Juliette Armanet, and Julien Doré, while maintaining a unique touch distinctive to Esteban. With vibrant arrangements by Michel Ayme, “Fool Girl” promises to be an essential summer hit. Esteban continues to resonate with his audience with his innovative and touching music. “Fool Girl,” which will be released on June 1st, is just the beginning of a captivating new chapter, the first installment of the album “Enjoy,” which Esteban will unveil on May 24th!