Tom & His Free Mockingbirds: Rocking the London Airwaves and Worldwide with ‘Wizards of Blues’ – Unveiling Musical Brilliance

We are excited to share that the latest singles, ‘Wizards of Blues,‘ by ‘Tom & His Free Mockingbirds,’ have been added to our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Get ready to immerse yourself in two extraordinary renditions, one showcasing the remarkable talent of Raelle Grace and the other featuring ‘Remii.’ Both versions will be airing daily as part of a special DOUBLE BLUES POWERPLAY at 8 PM GMT time for the next month. Tune in and experience the magic!

Tom, the songwriter-producer of the indie band Tom & His Free Mockingbirds, serves as its leader with a vision to expand the band’s presence akin to legendary ensembles such as Count Basie & His Orchestra. With prolificacy and consummate skill, Tom adeptly crafts the band’s musical journey. While embracing various genres, their inclination leans towards Blues and Folk Rocks.

As the band’s frontman, Tom draws profound inspiration from blues luminaries such as Duke Ellington & His Big Band and Count Basie & His Orchestra. His songwriting standards are set by the iconic Bob Dylan, shaping his artistic trajectory with depth and resonance.