Unleashing “Sick of it All” – An explosive Rock Anthem from ‘Lord Gillespie’ on the London FM Digital playlist now.

Debut EP “Long Live Rock n Roll” showcases the power of Lord Gillespie’s musical prowess

Prepare to be captivated by “Sick of It All,” an explosive rock anthem that embodies the raw power and rebellious spirit of the genre, all while carrying the distinct mark of Lord Gillespie’s unique artistry. With its supersonic guitar riffs, driving bass, high-power vocals, and a Motorhead-esque vibe, this modern-age rock sensation will leave you craving more.

In a resounding testament to the undeniable allure of rock music, Lord Gillespie has recently released his highly anticipated debut EP, titled “Long Live Rock n Roll.” Among the standout tracks is the new explosive anthem “Sick of it All,” which has been making waves in the music scene since its unveiling earlier this year.

With an EP cover that demands attention, “Sick of it All” takes center stage as Lord Gillespie’s bold statement of artistic prowess. The track encapsulates the raw energy and rebellious spirit synonymous with rock music, offering a refreshing take on the genre while staying true to its roots. Lemmy Would be proud, this ROCKS!


“Sick of it All” from ‘Lord Gillespie ‘ is now on the A-List playlist and will also be played as a special ROCK SUPERPLAY at 7:55 PM UK time every night for a month or more.


Canadian-born, Belgium-based guitarist Steve “Lord” Gillespie takes pride in creating straightforward, fun music with a hard rock flair. His music is inspired by Angus and Malcolm Young, Ozzy Osbourne, Motörhead and Stevie Ray Vaughan, among others. His songs include distinct hard rock sounds, including a steady percussion beat, groovy guitar lines, and layers of vocals.

As a teenager, Lord Gillespie started learning about music to impress girls; and it worked. After earning more attention from the ladies, he realized his passion for writing music and playing guitar.

While he’s a guitarist at heart, Lord Gillespie is also a singer and bassist. He uses the power of social media and the internet to meet collaborators, including singers Sandra Bullet and Lorenzo Vincenzo Nocerino, drummer Fabio Alessandrini, and bassist Rich Hinks.

Lord Gillespie dropped his debut single, “One Night,” on November 12, 2022, in addition to his original song “Long Live Rock n Roll.” He enjoys creating rock music simply because it’s fun. He believes it’s fun to collaborate with other artists, it’s fun to create straightforward guitar and vocal lines, and it’s fun to listen to an upbeat song with a unique twist on rock elements.

Looking to the future, Lord Gillespie hopes to continue creating fun, upbeat songs for rock enthusiasts to enjoy. He’s all about the fun: no more, no less.


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