After briefly touring with The Beach Boys, Dick Dale’s surf guitar protégée, ‘Beachfront Vinny’ releases “Gettysburg Vinny”

Dick Dale’s surf guitar protégée, Beachfront Vinny, is known for his comedic surficana music which combines tropical harmonies, surf guitar, elements of Americana, and trop rock. Originally from Long Island, NY (USA), he very briefly toured with The Beach Boys and was terminated after falling on Al Jardine during a live taping.

“Gettysburg Vinny” (LP) is an album of 11 tracks containing original material lasting approximately 35 minutes with 5 music singles and 6 spoken word tracks. The style of the record is Surficana (trop rock, Americana, surf guitar and harmonies) and it was recorded entirely in Gettysburg.

Based on the incredibly true story of Beachfront Vinny Daverino’s 3x great-grandfather, Private Alberto Vincenzo Daverino, accused of drunkenness at the Battle of Gettysburg after shooting another private in the privates. The album features special guest appearances by Mike Love of The Beach Boys, Alice Cooper, and Frankie Avalon.


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