‘Chris Level’ To Get Back On Killer Music Soundtracks Soon

It’s been a long time since this composer didn’t write anything new for people and projects to enjoy. Lose Ma cool and tell me are Chris’s first soundtracks and, the only soundtracks that the sync artist ever released, this is getting upsetting as more people are expecting more music from him but can’t get the call off.

We have dug up for you Chris is not focused on making or releasing new music and soundtracks right now, firstly, after an interview with active FM, he stated that he is focusing on getting major projects and will consider releasing new soundtracks only after he gets what he is searching for and lastly (this is from our perspective point of view, find more of his work ethic and daily life on his social media https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-level-music-646b94190

Chris is a hard-working musician who is trying his best to associate his music and soundtracks to the best projects he can find for now as he is a new sync composer and sync artist, he knows that people are waiting on him and his fans are craving his soundtracks a lot and focus on getting the best projects to feature or use his soundtracks and also get big projects where he will make fresh soundtracks for which is the best thing he can do.

This is not a sprint it’s a marathon for a lot of musicians and it’s no strange thing for Chris as he knows that he must make sure his craft gets the best results before he can move on to another soundtrack and does this for his fans, not for him.

Chris level is crazily known as a sync composer and sync artist who rose very quickly in May 2022 (the same month he started his sync licensing career) and also known as the sync artist and sync composer who got a lot of hate from fellow musicians after he spiked up in his career, well, it can go both ways.

He surely knows what he is doing even though he is only 18 years old…yeah that’s right, only 18!, Which made us wonder, is he doing all the stuff and songwriting and other affairs on his own, and surprisingly yes… he even stated that he didn’t want to go with a sync library or a manager because he wanted to grow himself and knew he would, but again during another interview with a news source stated that he will look into getting more help and management in the future but for now he is focusing on his own will. 

If that it’s not what you call dedication, talent, and hard work we surely don’t know what hard work, talent, and dedication are for you, this is a mindset of a champ as many call and explain finely why he is a bit struggling to sit down and writing new soundtracks as he is also managing himself as well.

We conclude that we can confidently give Chris enough time so that he can eventually write and make fresh new music and new soundtracks again as we now know what makes him get slowed down in the songwriting process, it’s far easier said than done, and hope all our best wishes to Chris to find what he is looking for and to release sooner new music and soundtracks for the fans to enjoy and for their moods to swing with the scenes., He got interviewed by lambo xtra magazine too talking about his upcoming project.

Find it here_ https://lamboxtra.com/introducing-chris-level/