“Dale”, the first song off Eric Rivera’s new EP, ‘Overtime,’ is on the London FM playlist now

The Head of music at londonfm.digital said “The track was a pristine production with a great beat and sleek production with smooth, melodic vocals, that are melodic, but catchy and stick in your head, the island/tropical vibe is brilliant it’s a warm memorable track, so is going on the playlist daily and will be played 2-3 times in general rotation + a powerplay at 10 pm approx UK time daily for a month at least. People can tune in here londonfm.digital or on our radio player here: https://discovermediadigital.com/discover-radio-player

“Dale”, the first song off Eric Rivera’s new EP, ‘Overtime,’ perfectly marries the influences of reggaeton and pop. Rivera is very excited about the October 29th, 2021 release on all platforms. As he explains, “It’s a good opener for the EP, a feel good track. It makes you want to dance. It’s how I wanted to introduce my sound with the English and Spanish languages.” The release is a follow up to Rivera’s previous popular single, “Southpaw”. Both tracks are from his upcoming EP, ‘Overtime.’

“Dale” was written over an extensive amount of time. The song transports us through two different time periods and stages of his relationship with a former love interest. At first he describes meeting her and not taking it seriously at first. He then shows it evolving into a more complicated relationship with passion, arguing, and fighting. The hook illustrates the shift.  In English, it means “I’m ready for it,” as he realizes he now knows what he wants when his lover looks at him.

Rivera’s EP ‘Overtime’ will be available on all platforms on November 19th, 2021. This will be the first of many releases to come in the near future about topics no other artist has voiced.

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