Eivind Husebø is a Norweigian Rock artist who releases powerful new single ‘I’m So Alive’ on the London FM digital playlist now.

Eivind Husebø is a Norweigian Rock artist who releases new single ‘I’m So Alive’. The head of music at londonfm.digital said he loved the track with it’s uplifting, powerful, anthemic and pounding production. The vocals are strong and melodic and tell the listener a positive story that stays in your head with a stadium sound that captures you. So it’s been placed on the daily playlist at londonfm.digital and will be played 2-3 times a day + as a powerplay at 12:35 PM approx uk time daily for a month or more.

Eivind Husebø is a Norweigian Rock artist based in Bergen, one who boasts a sonic catalogue that’s defined by a captivating vocal palette and a lifelong affinity with the guitar. His latest single, entitled ‘I’m So Alive’, perfectly captures the ethos of positive thinking that Husebø now centres his music around.
The track was produced by Ian & Tim Hardwick ,Eivind and performed by Husebø. It also features James Knoerl (drums), Eivind (guitar), and Ian & Tim Hardwick (bass, piano, orgel).  Max Honsinger
Mix and Mastering Engineer,London.

With the message behind ‘I’m So Alive’ encouraging listeners to open and move on with past struggles, the track does well to radiate positivity through its uplifting riffs, memorable melodies, and Eivind’s enticingly pulsating voice. 
“The track is about the time I lost my job on my birthday. It was a very sad month. But, it’s important to open up the heart and try to move on. Mental health really does matter.”