Embrace ‘Back to Love’ with George Hodos’ Latest Sensational R&B Single on the playlist now.

Introducing “Back to Love,” the latest sensational single by American POP/R&B artist George Hodos. Renowned for his velvety and distinctive vocal prowess, innate sensuality, and exceptional musical artistry, George Hodos has carved his own niche in the music industry.


‘Back to Love‘ from George Hodos is now on the daily A-List Playlist and will also be played as a special R&B POWERPLAY at 2:45 PM UK time every afternoon for a month or more.

While his roots lay in the world of opera and stage performance, George harbored an unrelenting passion to delve into the realm of pop music. His journey began with performances in children’s opera, followed by his enrollment in the prestigious Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. In 2007, George made his mark with his debut album, “The Voice,” which unveiled his tender, emotive voice and catapulted him to stardom in Russia.

Determined to conquer the U.S. music scene, George Hodos released his first stateside album, “Just a Man,” in 2010. The title track, produced by the Alumni and featuring a guest appearance from Snoop Dogg, led the way, marking his introduction to American audiences.

George Hodos’ love affair with pop music ignited at an early age in a country predominantly dominated by opera. Inspired by icons such as Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston, he was captivated by their stage presence, charisma, and vocal prowess, fueling his dreams of joining their ranks.

Dubbed “The Voice” by admirers, George Hodos was hailed as a prodigious talent from the outset. His musical journey began with the melodious echoes of Giacomo Puccini’s “Tosca” filling his family’s home. At the tender age of six, he stepped into the spotlight, starring in the musical “Oh Painful” and later captivating audiences in the children’s opera “The Garden,” which toured Russia extensively. His remarkable stage performances caught the attention of his peers, earning him multiple scholarships to the prestigious “Russian Academy of Theatre Arts.” Graduating at the top of his class with honors, George set his sights on his ultimate dream: a career in pop music.

By the age of twenty, George had cultivated collaborations with producers worldwide, culminating in his debut album, aptly titled “The Voice.” The album’s release saw George’s single “Where Do I Go” soar to the top of the charts, earning him recognition on Radio, VH1, Musicbox, and the covers of magazines like “Entertainment Weekly” and MK Magazine’s “Top 50 Men of the Year.” George’s sultry sounds and undeniable charm even graced the pages of Playboy Magazine.

Subsequently, George Hodos made his organic transition to the United States and dropped his highly anticipated single, “Just A Man,” featuring Snoop Dogg under the Universal Music Group label. This single marked his first chart-topping success, spending 10 weeks on the Billboard charts and solidifying his status as an international sensation.

In early 2014, George released the remix album “Just A Man feat. Snoop Dogg Remixes,” continuing his musical journey with an ever-evolving and irresistible sound.

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