‘Kemi Amos’ Unleashes the Afrobeat Summer Vibes with Her Hot New Single ‘Eyeshadow’ on the playlist.

We are pleased to announce that the incredible Kemi Amos is now on the daily A-List Playlist with her vibrant and uplifting new single “Eyeshadow’. Hear it every day on the playlist + as a special NEW MUSIC POWERPLAY at 4 PM UK time every afternoon for a month or more.

Kemi Amos is a rarity among emerging female artists, displaying the competence to harness her African roots sound and efficiently blend it with modern influences to appeal to global audiences. She has developed an innate proficiency to present her music in multiple ways while maintaining her consistent Afrobeat brand. With their voice, charisma, and unmatched stage presence, she possesses all the vital ingredients of a 5-star performer who is swiftly rising and making her mark in the global music scene one song at a time.

Amos has just delivered the hit track of the summer with her new single titled “Eyeshadow ,” a party wedding-feel type of anthem that immediately makes you want to dance in time with the beat from the get-go.

“Eyeshadow ” is fun and gives that wedding party nostalgic feel, with a upbeat bass that feels like the backbone of the melody. The lyrics blend perfectly with the beat. The feeling this performance gives is energetic and positive ; you just want to play it again and again, but that can be corrected with a subtle touch of the repeat button.

That combination of Yoruba afro melodies and the intriguing pop-rock progressions authenticates such an irresistible sound, and it actually hits differently when you are a son of the soil listening to this song in a foreign land!

Kemi even didn’t have to do too much, and she was absolutely spot on; letting the infectious beat and bass do the talking. What a beauty nurtured with an amazing sound!

“Eyeshadow ” is a perfect song for celebration and partying. You can definitely see how much work and creativity Kemi put into this project, so it’s left to us fans to make it blow.

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