Emerging Swedish artist ‘Zandrah Mereborg’ releases her beautiful single ‘In Full Bloom’ on the London FM playlist now

The head of music at londonfm.digital said he loved the heart warming new single ‘In Full Bloom’ from ‘Zandrah Mereborg‘ with it’s dreamy, melodic and heartfelt vocals on top of an atmospheric, ethereal and dreamy electronic pop production. ‘In Full Bloom’ has a lovely melancholy mood, but also lifts you up with a sentimental and dreamy twist that is beautiful. The single is now on the playlist and will be played 2-3 times a day in general rotation + as a power daily at approx 2:45 PM UK time for a month or more.

Emerging Swedish artist Zandrah Mereborg is set to release her downtempo EDM EP ‘In Full Bloom’. Collaborating with Argentinian producer Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos, the 3-track EP explores elements of chill-step and deep house, guided by the ethereal vocals of Zandrah. ‘In Full Bloom’ will be released on all platforms on the 17th December 2021.

Following the success of her previous single ‘Time to Fly, ’which has already reached around 40,000 streams on Spotify alone, ‘In Full Bloom’ is a beacon of hope for listeners. Zandrah Mereborg set out with the intention to inspire positive change, “I want music to speak to you and to feel like a close friend who understands you.” explains Zandrah. That hope is found in the mellow soundscape that brings melancholic euphoria, intertwining downtempo production with uplifting optimism in her words. The dreamy morose of the tracks draws parallel to her own life, when she discovered a newfound love for music after overcoming a difficult period.

From the dark moments she created light and in doing so began a journey that not only offered solace for herself, but for her listeners too. The inspiration for ‘In Full Bloom ’and ‘Ready To Go, ’came from personal experience. ‘In Full Bloom ’especially, lies close to Zandrah’s heart, a track inspired by women going through abusive relationships and circumstances. ‘I have experienced women close to me going through these experiences and how hard and challenging it is when you also are manipulated.

I wanted this song to be like a friend who believes in them and trusts their story. ’The message of the song is reflected in the sonic production, the melodic electric guitar compliments Zandrah’s haunting vocals over percussive beats and warm synths. The steady rhythm is a reassuring and guiding hand that keeps the momentum, providing the soothing comfort that Zandrah Mereborg had set out to accomplish.

‘Ready To Go ’is another EDM-inspired track, to be released in both English and Swedish. Maintaining her signature chilled and hypnotic sound, ‘Ready To Go ’takes a more uptempo approach, transporting listeners to a deep house universe. Through intimate vocal deliveries and experimental vocal effects, ‘Ready To Go’ focuses on happiness, inviting listeners to leave behind their everyday worries.

The collaboration between Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos and Zandrah Mereborg happened by chance through the power of the internet, after Zandrah began recording Swedish covers with her brother’s music equipment. A connection was made, Diego becoming the creator behind the chilled EDM production and melodies, while Zandrah herself became the storyteller, writing lyrics inspired by Diego’s ideas and delivering the message through her celestial vocals.

The union has developed into something special, offering escapism and hope to those who need it. With recent radio play for ‘Time To Fly ’in the US, UK, South America and Sweden, ‘In Full Bloom ’is just the beginning of the journey. Zandrah Mereborg has big plans for 2022 and she’s ready to bloom.

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