Intelligent Diva Releases Tunes from The Music Is Art Album That You Can Dance and Exercise To On The Playlist

We are pleased to announce that the incredible singles Let’s Turn It Up, Muy Caliente and Duval Bass, taken from the outstanding new Intelligent Diva album ‘Music Is Art’ are now on the daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for them day and night on the playlist + they will be played as a TRIPLE POWERPLAY each day at 7 PM GMT time every night for the next month or more.

From Jacksonville, Florida the Billboard multi-genre artist has teamed has released a 24-track album which has music from the genres of R&B, Pop, Urbano, Urban Latin, Electric Dance, Rock, Reggaeton, Comedy and Dembo. Intelligent Diva released the “Music Is Art” album under the record label Diva Underground Records, and this is the first album which they have released. This album allowed her to create a recent music genre of her own where the track consisted of a up tempo dance track with catchy phrases which you can dance to or even exercise.

Diva plays the role of a DJ host, who interviews multiple DJ’s which is also played by Intelligent Diva to showcase a new type of genre of music where she teamed up with the producer. Princeton Hayes to build series of dance tracks where the artist has written several phrases and billed a groove that you can dance and exercise to. She takes you on the journey from Miami to Frankfurt Germany with these series of tracks.  These voice over intro’s resulted in the artist crossing over into the genre of comedy.  Later she shows how she transforms from the life of a DJ host into a music artist of today.

Music artists of today are not just artists. They explore multiple roles in the field of entertainment to generate multiple streams of income.  In the album she pays tributes to the radio which is how she was discovered, continues to show how you can also transition into a music artist, have a podcast, have your own radio show, and be a DJ which is the journey of a lot of music artists today. We highly recommend you listen to the album in chronological order to get the full insight of the flow the album.

But, to get your adrenaline going and the blood pumping, you can check out these three singles below.

Let’s Turn It Up

Muy Caliente

Duval Bass

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