Introducing ‘Start Slowly’: Noras Makes Waves on London FM’s Digital A-List Playlist

We are pleased to announce that the new single ‘Start Slowly’ from ‘Noras’ is now on the London FM Digital A-List Playlist. Hear it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played as a special POWERPLAY at 8:30 PM GMT Time every night for the next month.

Meet Noras, a music producer hailing from the heart of electronic music, Belgium. With a passion deeply rooted in the realms of trance, deep house, techno, and melodic techno, Noras has carved a distinctive niche for himself in the global music scene.

For over a decade, Noras has been channeling his creativity and expertise into the production of tracks that transcend traditional genre boundaries. His love for melodic elements interwoven with pulsating beats defines his signature sound, captivating listeners.