Master Yetí’s Latest Single “LuLu lemon” is Bound To Sweep You Off Your Feet With its Idyllic Tonal Beauty and Sensuous Lyricism.

In a year marked by unique creative accomplishments and auditory sonic journeys that have defined the true depths and aspects of revolutionary music through spectacular new singles released over the years, artist and producer Master Yetí returns with one of his most compellingly sensual & thought-provoking cuts to date. Originally from Chicago’s south side, Master Yetí’s versatile and original unique sound has earned him an insatiable increasing fan base, and the artist has proven to be a standout of his class over the years with both his talent and work ethic together.

The artist’s relationship with music, as well as its natural growth, has resulted in a backdrop that defines modern genres. “LuLu Lemon” engages the listener in a one-of-akind blend of creative and lyrical abilities. Yetí’s artistic ability is exceptional, as he lends his spontaneous voice to the track’s structure. This heavy-bass groove is highly ambient, giving Yetí plenty of space to deliver a powerful and dangerously infectious chorus amid intense verses that beautifully parallel each other. This track kicks off with a bang and provides a lot of flavor throughout the song’s duration.

Master Yetí goes with a sensuous vibe on this one in honor of and inspired by all the gorgeous women, all kinds, sizes, and ages, We see in the gym working out! He leaves nothing out on this song and makes a completely bold assertion with the powerful content that flows effortlessly throughout “LuLu Lemon,” which is as unfiltered, raw, and honest as it gets. So, without further ado, you can listen to “LuLu Lemon” by clicking here.

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