‘A Jack Can’t Be An Ace’ from ‘3reeCrossing’ with it’s positive vibe, efficient rap/flow and universal appeal is now on the London FM playlist

The head of music at londonfm.digital said that he loved the new single A Jack Can’t Be An Ace from 3reeCrossing with it’s positive vibe, efficient rap/flow and universal appeal. The cool, strong and distinctive vocal is at the forefront of this energetic and entrancing single, with lyrics about “living every moment like it’s your last” as the atmospheric pop /rap production and infectious piano riff builds momentum in a catchy and cool manner that sticks in your head, it’s a universal sound that stays with you and so has been placed on the daily playlist at londonfm.digital and will be played 2-3 times a day in general rotation + as a powerplay daily at approx 7:55 PM UK time for a month or more.

3reeCrossing just released a brand new pop song. This song is for everyone who understands what it takes to be a “winner.” A Jack Can’t Be An Ace is an expression that simply means you cannot win unless you have what it takes period. No in the middle, No substitutions. The music is pretty neat and the lyrics are catchy. You can download this song on all Spotify and all other major platforms.