‘Soul Grabber’ is a 5 track EP, the latest release from Berlin-based electronic artist Luca Draccar.

Steeped in darkness, Draccar plays around with synthesized loops, driving bass lines and pulsating drum beats that fall in the world of techno. The ‘Soul Grabber’ EP follows many different paths, including the concept of evil actions and the tormenting secrets that we let slip through the cracks. It questions what truly torments us, the deed itself or the lack of punishment, and the heavy weight of guilt that follows us around. Avant-garde and modernistic, Draccar creates music that is progressive, with a vision that is crystal clear. The EP is colourful in ways, hallucinatory and hypnotic, while other elements are robotic and black, exploring the mechanics of his musical background.

Luca Draccar developed his musical pursuits through his university days, studying a multitude of topics like Multimedia Communication and Interactive Design, Digital Design and Visual Communication, and music. This would become the lasting influence on his music career, fusing technology and music which stemmed from his very first computer.
Clubs and rave parties allowed Draccar to perform and hone his craft, using the past to express himself far into the future.

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Photos provided by @simona.minamalmag