The anthemic new single ‘Wavelength’ ( Beave Remix) from ‘Smilee’ with it’s uplifting, infectious and commercial pop sensibility, impeccable, sleek and classy production is on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the anthemic new single ‘Wavelength’ ( Beave Remix) from ‘Smilee’ with it’s uplifting, infectious and commercial pop sensibility, impeccable, sleek and classy production, and catchy vocals that stick in your head after the first spin. This incredible electronic gem has got Londoners singing along and grooving on the dancefloor all night long. The single is now on the playlist and will be played 2-3 times a day in general rotation + as a special powerplay daily at approx 10:30 A.M UK time for a month or more.

After bursting into the scene in 2020 & onto the playlists of music listeners all around the world with her stunning debut single Wavelength, sensational singer/songwriter Smilee went on to reach the heights of the #4 spot on the Black Music charts & #3 spot in Commercial Pop.

Sounding absolutely spellbinding right from the drop of her breakout year, the London-based artist not only went on to make a massive impression on critics and fans alike, but the overwhelming support that came in from around the globe inspired her to embrace the surging momentum of her music career and take it straight to the very top spot in 2021!

Returning with a smashing follow-up single to her debut with Feel Like also went on to  reach the heights of the #5 spot on the Black Music charts & #4 spot in Commercial Pop.

Brilliantly remixed by the extraordinary musical mind of DJ and producer Kelvin Wood, Slim Tim, Marc Baigent and Kiss Fm`s Steve Smart.   In a full display of Smilee’s most radiant, uplifting, and supercharged energy through her immaculately bold & beautiful vocals, the spectacular Electro vibes of Feel Like confirm the spotlight is exactly where she truly belongs. A born entertainer with the passion to prove it, the spirited and soulful sound of Smilee’s voice is as uniquely refreshing as it is remarkably addictive – Lift Me Up is the authentic anthem of 2021.

With the incredibly enthusiastic response to her Wavelength (Remixes) record – Smilee was excited to invite another wealth of talented producers & names at the forefront of the scene to join her for a series of six stellar variations of her sparkling new single on the Feel Like (Remixes) EP. Featured in radio-ready remixes and wildly dynamic extended versions that include powerful perspectives in style & sound from Marc Baigent & Element Z, Slim Tim, and Brandon Pallett, unified together in collaboration, they combine forces to create an audio experience unlike any other. Complete with a brand-new anime video put out to support the latest record with the “Feel Like (Slim Tim Remix)” instantly racking up clicks, plays, and views from the moment of its release – Smilee is making music that the people out there genuinely want to hear, stocked full of her charming charisma & colourful neon sound, designed to turn good times into great ones, and be shared by all. Lift Me Up remixes by Brixxtone, Jovan Bloom and the main mix a candlelight version.

2020 invited Smilee, a new and fresh upcoming pop sensation. Smilee’s latest offering, Wavelength, is a track about communication, told through a beat that is filled with optimism and serotonin – the perfect single to wind down those summer nights with. As quoted by the singer songwriter herself, Smilee wants to ‘spread love and positivity through atmospheric soulful dance music’. Making her sound synonymous with feeling uplifted.

“Some people are just your people. Wavelength is all about when this happens and stars align, it helps you to stay on the right path” –Smilee

Smilee has taken true inspiration from the ‘beauty found in freedom’. “I want my music to embody those rare moments when you feel absolutely resolved of responsibility. Far too often we are consumed with thinking ahead, or looking back. I realised music is the ultimate tool to bring people into the present moment. I am inspired by moments like these. I believe being present is what brings true happiness.”

Singer-songwriter Smilee began singing and dancing at a young age before gaining a place at the acclaimed Brit School alongside artists such as Adele, Amy Winehouse and Kate Nash. 

This is where, aged just 14, she wrote her first song with her best friend. Her passion for both writing and performing music has continued ever since. 

Smilee has dedicated her life to live performance, touring the UK and internationally. While on tour she was first discovered by world-famous music manager Denis Ingoldsby known for artists such as Eternal, Louise, Dina Carroll, The Honeyz, Body Rockers, and The Nightcrawlers.