The most beautiful, emotional and touching song of all time ? ‘For Violet’ from heartfelt ballad master ‘Andreas Stone’ is now on the Playlist at London FM Digital – Hear it every day at 4 p.m UK time

The brand new heart wrenching single ‘For Violet’ from ‘Andreas Stone’ can be heard everyday at the start of drive time at 4 p.m on London FM Digital. 

Make sure you Tune in to hear this amazing and touching song and a special message from ‘Andreas Stone’ himself for London FM Listeners.

For Violet was written by Andreas Stone himself together with Ricky Hanley. The same dynamic duo that wrote Andreas’s single ‘Never Got To Say Goodbye’.

Andreas & Ricky have been close friends for many years and have shared a lot of success together.

When Andreas was asked about writing with Ricky he answered, “Ricky is like a brother to me and we have always tried our best to write songs that speaks from the heart. With that in mind, it has always been easy to write together with Ricky. It has always felt very natural”.

For Violet has a story of its own and just like ”Never Got To Say Goodbye” was written when Ricky’s father passed away. For Violet was written when Ricky’s mother Violet passed away.

Andreas says “I can’t think of something harder to write about than this. It’s such a big responsibility that leaves you humbled. But then on the other hand, no matter how hard it was, what could be more important than to express the love that we feel for our loved ones. We all have someone that we love”.