The new single ‘Fool Me’ from ‘Sincerely Yours’ with its perfect pop sensibility and classy, sleek and warm pop production is on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Fool Me’ from ‘Sincerely Yours’ with its perfect pop sensibility, classy, sleek and warm pop production, melodic distinctive vocals and catchy chorus, that sticks in your head. This well written acoustic pop meets electronic pop track reminds us slightly of Ed Sheeran, but ‘Sincerely Yours‘ also have their own unique pop sound that has a classy sheen and is perfect for Radio. So, we have placed this cool new single onto the playlist and it will be played day and night on the regular playlist + as a special NEW POP POWERPLAY at approx 7:30 PM UK time Every night for a month or more.

Fool Me is about a budding love affair. The single describes a situation in which each of us has been found. You get to know someone – you find something you like and yet you end up in the experience of walking a fine line between “make a fool of yourself” and “something could happen after all”. Don’t be fooled.

Fool Me is a stadium pop song, which above all through his extraordinary riff “THE catchy tune” is guaranteed. The arrangement ranges from dance to Acoustic- via stadium pop, with an absolutely catchy Hook, which, from someone who stays in your head interlude is resolved.

The single “Fool Me” comes with a dance choreographed video. The song was produced in Studio “die:mischbatterie”, Stephan Zeh (Helene Fischer, Phillip Collins). The video was shot by SKAZ Films.






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