The new single ‘Light Yagami’ from ‘YungNickyBeamer’ with it’s infectious, dark and epic beat driven production and attitude is on the playlist now

The head of music for said he loved the new single ‘Light Yagami’ from YungNickyBeamer with it’s infectious, dark and epic beat driven production and attitude drenched vocal/rap that is fresh, strong and explicit getting you grinding on the dancefloor instantly to it’s classy, sleek and dirty party vibe. It’s on the playlist and will be played 2-3 times a day in general rotation + as a powerplay daily at approx 8:15 PM UK time for a month.

‘Light Yagami’ is the brand new single from Arizona based artist YungNickyBeamer. Inspired by popular Manga Deathnote, YungNickyBeamer has hidden references to this in plain sight through his lyrical word play. Bringing out the dark undercurrents of the Manga in his new song, YungNickyBeamer successfully brings these two art forms together in his new single ‘Light Yagami’.

Detroit born but Phoenix based YungNickyBeamer has been singing and writing his own music since he was a small child. It wasn’t until he was sixteen, with the influences of Frank Ocean, Lil Peep, and Mac Miller that he started recording his own music. YungNickyBeamer revels in the experimentation process of creating music, often blending genres and styles to suit the aesthetic of the track he is producing. “I’ve always loved being able to express some of the darker sides of my personality in a healthy way through music,” explains YungNickyBeamer who expresses his struggles with mental health and addiction, and hopes that other people can connect with these themes. Making a big impact with his music, YungNickyBeamer has been met with a huge response at his live shows, with people knowing the words to his song from the first show! He has opened for multiple well known artists including Shordie Shordie, Bankrol Hayden, and Ka$hdami at Hidden Fest 2022 in LA.