The new single ‘She Got Game’ from ‘Will Francis’ with its irresistible dirty blues sound and bopping production is on the playlist now.

The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘She Got Game’ from ‘Will Francis’ with its irresistible dirty blues sound, bopping production, slick guitar licks and thrashing 60’s drums, that remind us of The Doors crossed with Warren Zevon. This rocks and Bops in a classic, but up to date bluesy style, with warm unique and catchy vocals, that stick in your head and get you boogieing. This bopping track is now officially on the playlist and will be played all day and night on the playlist + as a special daily powerplay at approx 7:15 PM UK time every evening for a month or more, enjoy.

Will Francis is a music artist from Clayton, NC USA. He does original rock, singer/songwriter and hip hop music. Currently, he is releasing singles, building a catalog and rehearsing a live set that includes original and some cover material. His latest releases have been a series of hip hop/rap tracks that he produced and promoted himself. His music has been receiving regular rotation on radio and social media. Furthermore,, he’s been getting feedback and critique from curators, influencers, labels and sync supervisors for promotion and placements. Will’s music has been featured on radio, blogs, playlists and TV. His music is available worldwide. Will tries to focus on quality and creativity His music is real, straight up, smooth, energetic and composed.

At some point, Will began to evolve as a composer with emphasis on lyric writing and song structure. This was the beginning of his journey or process of becoming a songwriter and finding his true voice. He discovered that the craft of songwriting, producing and engineering is ongoing. Furthermore, he believes that music has a way of re-inventing itself.