Welan Edvee and Hana Lison Unite for Inspiring Anthem: ‘Smile You’re Not Alone’ on the playlist now

We are pleased to announce that the tantalizing, melodic and uplifting new single ‘Smile You’re Not Alone’ from ‘Welan Edvee’ Feat ‘Hana Lison’ is now on the Daily A-List Playlist + will be played daily as a special POWERPLAY at 7 PM GMT time for the next month or more.

Welan Edvee proudly announces the release of “Smile You’re Not Alone,” in collaboration with Hana Lison. This track is an anthem of hope and solidarity, a soothing balm for those who feel alone. A harmonious blend of genres creates a unique and poignant sound, with lyrics and music forming a perfect symbiosis, heightened by Hana Lison’s vocals.

The track serves as a reminder that no one is truly alone, even in darkness. It is a call for resilience and hope, a reflection of a united humanity.

Welan Edvee

Originally from Burkina Faso, Welan Edvee is an artist with diverse influences. Arriving in France in 1994, he immersed himself in an artistic world, influenced by his artist father and inspired by music greats like Danny Elfman. His passion is to integrate his musical compositions into cinema, evoking emotions and telling stories.

Hana Lison

A renowned Swedish artist known for her distinct musical style and melodic voice, she has already received several awards and nominations. Available now on all music streaming platforms.

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