‘Whiskey on Ice’ is the melodic new single from ‘ Heinrich Wood ‘ on the playlist now

The head of music for londonfm.digital loved the new single ‘Whiskey on Ice’ from Heinrich Wood with it’s very melodic, distinctive vocal and story telling feelgood sentimental vibe. The single is filled with melodic emotion and a classic sounding production, perfect for Christmas, uplifting and memorable. It’s now on the londonfm.digital playlist and will be played 2-3 times a day in general rotation + as a powerplay at 3:35 PM daily for a month.

Heinrich’s vocal style is incredibly dynamic, yet there is so much focus on his performance, making for a truly larger-than life feel. This is a crossroads, where so many different genres and ideas collide quite seamlessly. From modern synthwave pop to folk, and even hints of country and Americana, anything goes here! This new concept album is telling a story about a legendary night in Las Vegas which turns out to be painful and life changing.