Xander Filmalter’s Lost In You is edgy and refreshing. Hailing from South Africa, Xander is exploring all sides of his talent with new EP. Listen to it on London FM Digital

Flowing through musical genres like the breeze of time flows through the grey hairs of an uncombed mind, Xander Filmalter is a singer/songwriter incorporating elements of pop, rock and punk to find his unique expression.

His latest EP – Here’s To Better Endings features the first single Lost In You. Lost In You is all about that mysterious distance between two lovers. As Xander states, “Songwriting to me is about capturing a moment or an emotion and then trying to attempt to paint it with words and sounds. It’s often messy, like an artist trying to carve something he feels inside out of a block of marble”.

Always being the songwriter in his previous bands, later taking on the lead vocal and guitar duties as well, he has crafted his style over time, chasing sincerity and authenticity rather than complexity.

Born in Benoni but raised in the Vaal Triangle, music served as his favourite escape, feeding his hunger for creativity and adventure.

Always more concerned with poetry or lyrics, he also embraced the challenge of writing in both English and Afrikaans; releasing two full albums digitally on various platforms.

The latest EP Here’s To Better Endings has captured all his imagination, crafting songs with producer Renier Henning.