‘David Longoria’ makes London a Better Place with his Beautiful Jazz Album “A Better place” on the London FM Playlist for Christmas 2020

Its not often I get to share my excitement of an exceptional album of music in jazz but here it is! Trumpet David Longoria brings his new album called A Better Place to streaming and sales stores. During the pandemic we have gotten a little behind in sharing great finds but this one is a must discover.  

The incredible work of this top musician is highlighted as he delivers the goods with top jazz musicians from The USA, Europe and South America. All during the lockdowns of 2020.  

There were definitely some recording sessions where we Zoomed online from Los Angeles to Warsaw, Brazil and Seattle in order to get this album done during the crazy days this year, David says, adding Im so honored to be able to pull these great musicians together when we were told its impossible and we make it happen! 

The album opens with Davids soon to be hit single Make The World A Better place. Here youll see and hear why David is often referred to as one of the worlds most exciting trumpeters. His smooth vocals are uplifting and sets up a perfect framework for his rollercoaster trumpet solo. Reminiscent of classic horn men Louis Armstrong, Freddy Hubbard, and Dizzy Gillespie, David flows in double, triple and even quadruple time all while keeping it melodic. If youve ever wondered what a great trumpet solo should sound like, this is the one. Backed by pianist Rique Pantoja (who played with Chet Baker), Maciej Sadowski (Tony Bennett) on bass, and Tony Jones (Bob Dylan, Billy Preston) on drums, this is a beautiful and meaningful song filled with optimism and hope for a better world.  

Every song is a highlight on this beautiful album. Especially of note are guest vocalists Barbara Morrison who kills on Body And Soul and gifted Promise Marks who gives Summertime a respectful and passionate performance with David. It was particularly noticeable how David sensitively weaves in and pout of each singers artistry without overwhelming but with great prowess and agility. These were backed by guitarist Doug Perkins and drummer Kip Webster bringing beautiful brushes work in addition to Rique and Maciej. Every musician holds their own, adding confident and expert skills to the recordings. 

The album is a joy to add to my favorites. FIVE STARS 

-Kevin Mac Jazz/Classical Reviewer


Check out davidlongoria.com and he can also found on wikipedia 

NEW ALBUM: A Better Place album on Spotify