Exciting London fans, Berlin based ‘Luca Draccar’ is back with new E.P “Supreme Emptiness”

“The Berlin based Luca Draccar open’s up “Supreme Emptiness” with the powerfully pulsating ‘Change Your Self”. Hypnotic chants chime in and out as booming bass bellows underneath oscillating synths as pounding percussion proceeds on the foreground. With sounds alone Luca Draccar dives into the depths of consciousness and existence, facing the void not in fear but recognizing that nothingness is in turn everything.

From this well of potential raw rhythms are pulled, the deep dark depths attract us like a mysterious call. “Mind and Soul” are literally in tune in the following track, Space-Age rhythms meet Ancient sonics. Flowing between energetic and ephemeral the driving bass dissipates into a hazy mist of airy vocals and distant pads in the middle of the track and toward the end.

‘Move On’ continues with tribal percussion, augmented vocals, and an invasive synth melody. Luca Draccar’s minimal trigger electronic and rubbery futuristic tendencies are on full display. The project is concluded with the dark, ominous, robotic ode to exotic rhythms ‘Let It Slide Let It Bleed”.

Alien-like bass fuses with haunting glitches and deep dark industrial tones, spliced in are sporadic Chuck D vocal samples echoing the Public Enemy front-man’s distinct voice. The combination is superb, the perfect closer for “Supreme Emptiness” a musical journey that is intoxicating and refreshing.”