I.S.O – Love You Down – On the London FM Digital Playlist Now

I.S.O the greatest group you’ve never seen, drops their debut single and video “Love You Down”. Inspired by their passion for music and an idea that it comes from the soul – the four man ensemble of very talented performers cultivated an idea to let the music speak for itself, by hiding their identities they give you an experience that leaves you wondering. The talented four are very excited to hit the world stage introducing […]

Raised in Maryland, St. Andrew, Jamaica, ‘Andon’ releases new single ‘Give It to You’ in collaboration with ‘Opensoul’ – On the London FM Digital Playlist Now

Pop musician Andon always has music on his mind and a song in his heart. Raised in Maryland, St. Andrew, Jamaica by his hardworking and loving father. Andon always had the support and encouragement from his father and 4 siblings to listen to the song playing his heart. The singer and songwriter work his day job singing for vacationers in beautiful Negril on the north coast of Jamaica. His undeniable love for music ensures that […]

With hints of 90’s to early 2000’s rap and R&B influences, ‘Sharmila’ drops ‘Burning For You’ Club Mix onto the London FM Digital Playlist !

Netherlands based R&B pop sensation Sharmila has just dropped her latest album. The self titled album ‘Sharmila’ contains previously written songs and material providing a real variety of styles to listen to. The 9 track album mixes R&B, Dance and Pop. Containing some of her more known numbers ‘Burning For You (Club Mix)’ – a dance themed anthem, to R&B influenced tracks like ‘Respect Your Body’ and ‘Like A Drug?’. The R&B dance influenced album […]

‘Sara Shankar’ seamlessly blends elements from pop, rock and traditional Indian ragas to create this beautiful and passionate single ‘Scriptures’ on the London FM Digital Playlist now

Sara Shankar is releasing her debut single titled “Scriptures” on August 30, 2019, inspired by a love letter and an internal fight for self-worth. Shankar seamlessly blends elements from pop, rock, and traditional Indian ragas to create this beautiful and passionate single. Sara Shankar, 17, is a songwriter, producer, and singer from Texas. She started piano lessons when she was only four years old, and began making her own songs, discovering her gift of perfect […]

Following her first singles “Mamaland” and “Don’t Cry Africa”, ‘Nomina’ releases the powerful ”Amadlozi Ft Slam x Mendel’ on the London FM Digital playlist.

Nomina is living proof that the power of words and music cannot be compartmentalised. This power is not limited by genre or style. The German singer-songwriter from Botswana with the unmistakeable voice gives us new, international, fresh, and vibrant music with African rhythms. With her first singles “Mamaland” (2016) and “Don’t Cry Africa” (2017), she already gained millions of fans,particularly in her homeland Botswana, where she can be heard on the radio and seen in […]

‘SR.Gent’ drops the catchy and cool single ‘Get Loose’ on the London FM Playlist.

Lester Smith AKA SR.Gent is originally from Tucson, AZ, but also lived in Atlanta, before joining the army in 2007. Following two tours in Afghanistan, he was medically retired in 2014 later moving to Orlando, Florida, where he currently resides. As an entrepreneur, artist and songwriter, he is inspired by artists the likes of Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson and Andre 3000 to create powerful direct and edgy sounds, echoing the golden age of music. His […]

‘Franco Spurs’ drops onto the London FM Digital playlist with new single ‘Move’

It’s that time of the year! The singer Franco last week launched his charismatic debut single – Move, hitting the vibe of all the dancing ladies in the club. Keeping the finger on the pulse of what feels like falling in love, the song is a fitting release where spending money, drinking and partying never ends. Switzerland-based Franco Spurs along with his team has been on the grind to capture these crazy visuals for his […]

London FM Digital are very excited to launch #THAMESTIMES – Watch Episode 1 of this fantastic new monthly Film Series now.

The brand new single from ‘The Caligaris’ is entitled ‘Circles’ and is out now on Ginger and Pickles Productions. To support the release ‘The Caligaris’ will be producing and presenting a monthly series of short films about their exciting studio and boat life-work blend and surviving in an ever-changing music industry. #THAMESTIMES will also be broadcast as a weekly Radio Show on London FM Digital every Thursday at 7 p.m. Who are the Caligaris ?  […]

‘Zeplyn’ speaks to London FM as she drops the radical pop track ‘The Only One’ – On the playlist Now

Breakthrough female artist Zeplyn talks about her new release and career to date. “I am a solo artist and songwriter from England. I mainly focus on pop/alternative pop and commercial music, however I have influences from an array of very different genres and artists! I was in a band for 5 years, which was amazing, I was lucky enough to play some great shows and festivals such as LOVEBOX main stage, Abbey Road, and supporting […]

Keili Fernando – Before I Reminisce – On the London FM Playlist Now

Singer-songwriter Keili Fernando released the music video for the third track of her debut EP “411”. With picturesque lyrics and melodic instrumentals, the song “Before I Reminisce” tells a storyline that many can relate to, the story of loss and the need to continue moving forward. Keili’s vibrant vocals sit atop an organic production. In the video, she goes through her day, and she is reminded of the past. She says, “My character has writer’s […]

Reclaiming rock on our playlist now it’s ‘The Weadon Boys’ – City Of Angels

Add this to your playlist! The Weadon Boys have just released a hot new EP “Life Is War” and they are reclaiming rock and roll with explosive sounds and spectacular stories. Tim Corcoran and Mark Obitz make up this creative duo who have been writing and recording together for the past two years. A focus single “City Of Angels” from the EP comes with an official music video which has been picking up speed on […]

The Neon Syndicate – Skyride – On the Playlist Now.

The Neon Syndicate is a German synthwave producer from Udine, Italy. Music has been a constant part of his life ever since he started taking piano classes as a child, later switching to synthesizers and finally to computer music production. While early influences included progressive rock legends such as Pink Floyd , The Neon Syndicate gradually moved away from rock towards electronic music. The Neon Syndicate developed a morbid fascination for the 80s, finally finding […]

If it’s raining in London go to Malibu. Maybe not ? if singer ‘Dia Morgan’ has anything to do with it. Rain in Malibu is Now on the Playlist!

Dia Morgan Can Make it “Rain in Malibu”. Can You? Singer-songwriter Dia Morgan released the magical music video for her single ‘Rain in Malibu’” and the vibrant animations and beautiful visuals will have you under a spell right away! The stunning video features Dia as she takes the power of manifestation into her own hands and makes it rain in Malibu with colourful animations. The true power of the video comes from the real-life story […]

True Ahmed– Selfish and Greedy – On the Playlist Now

Massachusetts artist True Ahmed been making music for over 10 years starting at the age of 8 learning to write and record his own music. Finding inspiration from watching his father make music. He himself fell in love with it and decided to do it as well! Based in lowell Massachusetts where he was born and raised he decided to follow his dreams and work his hardest to get out of his city he spends […]

Scott Kirby – Cool Water – On the Playlist Now

“One of the Northwood’s best and busiest musicians” is how the Northwoods Live Music Calendar describes Scott Kirby, an alternative blues rock singer/songwriter living in northern Wisconsin. Don Burnstick describes what Kirby has simply as “mojo”. It’s that mojo that is Kirby’s signature sound. Kirby has been exploring guitar and writing songs since the age of twelve. Kirby’s wide range of influences helped hone his individual voice in songwriting. He notes his larger inspirations to […]

London FM Digital are pleased to announce an exciting new series #THAMESTIMES from ‘The Caligaris’ as they release their new single ‘Circles’

The brand new single from ‘The Caligaris’ is entitled ‘Circles’ and is set for worldwide release on 1 October 2019 on Ginger and Pickles Productions. To support the release ‘The Caligaris’ will be producing and presenting a monthly series of short films about their exciting studio and boat life-work blend and surviving in an ever-changing music industry. The Caligaris consist of Russell and Louise Caligari who have exclusively announced that “After the first film of […]

TRENDING FRIDAY NIGHT TUNES: Berlon will have you celebrating with the glorious ‘Living It Up’ – On the Playlist Now

Introducing Berlon, as the international duo debut their collaboration ‘Living It Up’ on UK imprint, Knoziz Recordings. As ‘Living It Up’ touches down, with a timeless house sound – the record also sets out Berlon’s musical agenda, in fitting style. The summery House track features gorgeous vocals from Helen Webster & along with piano hook takes centre stage. Berlon are Adam Graham & Willy Washington, two figures that have both made their own indelible mark […]

Listen out for ‘Dino Miranda’ on ‘London FM Back to Back’ everyday at 11.30 a.m GMT– Hear tracks from the album ‘ Xiluva’

Make sure you tune in everyday to hear a special message from Dino Miranda and tracks from his fantastic album. WHO IS DINO MIRANDA ?  Dino Miranda is singer, guitarist, composer, arranger, producer and CEO of Miramundo Produções, an indie Record Label in Mozambique. The brand new album from Dino Miranda is entitled ‘Xiluva’ and features the singles ‘Marrabenta’ and ‘Xiluva’. More than a decade ago Dino Miranda performed with his rock band around Maputo, […]

OMG Collective– No More– On the Playlist Now

Synergised in motion, emotion and message, OMG Collective are winning the hearts and minds of new audiences with their unique narrative, infectious energy and groove-laced sounds. Their music is a fusion of rhythm and blues, funk, soul, house, hip-hop and reggae; paired with witty lyricism and soulful harmonies. Known for their dynamic, improvised performances, OMG Collective have entertained audiences across a variety of venues such as Ronnie Scott’s, Eltham Palace, Century Club, Proud Camden, The […]

Raymond Revel – Sunrise – On the Playlist Now

There are certain songs that have the power to instantly put you in a good mood, and “Sunrise” by Raymond Revel is one of them. From the a cappella beginning, to the cheerful chords and authentic sound, Raymond Revel has proven with this song that he is an emerging artist to look out for. His positive demeanour and down to earth sound fit him right with the company of Andy Grammer, Ben Rector, Jason Mraz, […]

LONDON FM PRESENTS: Ash – Sugar Honey Iced Tea

Ash is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, Sugar Honey Iced Tea, available for streaming/download on all major platforms now. Sugar Honey Iced Tea is a breezy record drenched in summer vibes and set against a tight groove. This is the first single from the forthcoming debut album by Ash set for release later this fall. The record was written and produced by Ryan Stockbridge, (1500 Or Nothing, HBO, BET) mixed by […]

LIVE IN LONDON – Fast rising French American singer ‘Alexander Wood’ to play live show in London on 18 July 2019 – Find out how to win 2 free tickets

Alexander Wood is an exciting emerging talent in London. The French-American singer/songwriter and composer has been performing in Europe on stage and TV in productions like Grease, and is now working in London on the launch of his upcoming new single ‘1984’.  The forthcoming single ‘1984’ is preceded by a hot club remix from 220 KID and E.P full of deep house and synth-pop influences out now on UPL Music. The 220 KID remix has […]

Dominating the airwaves of London FM: Aris Weathersby is on high rotation with the uplifting ‘Elevation’

Every so often a fresh new talent is discovered. Aris Weathersby certainly falls into that category. Born and raised in California Aris has it all, good looks, a great voice and original self-penned songs that you can’t help but enjoy. His vocal and guitar style is a heady blend of the wide and eclectic music he has been listening to for so many years and they range from luminaries such as Jimi Hendrix, Chaka Khan, […]

TOP INTERNATIONAL DROPS: Africa’s ‘Supastar Gaby’ drops his uplifting single ‘You So Wow’ on the airwaves of London – On the playlist Now

One of Africa’s most popular performers is pleased to announce the release of his new single ‘You So Wow’.  Supastar Gaby a.k.a Gabriel Bathuure is a Ghanaian born musician, singer and rapper who was born on 7th March 1990 in Accra, the Capital city of Ghana. Supastar Gaby started rapping at the age of 15 and with encouragement from his big brother went into the studio to record his first demo. He says “ I […]

We are thrilled to welcome some real alternative Noise Pop to London and our playlist. Last Victorian Death Squad have landed !

Last Victorian Death Squad are an alternative/Noise Pop outfit who spend their creative time between the UK, Sweden and Latvia. LVDS deliver feedback drenched melodies surrounded by walls of distortion. Think  Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride, My Bloody Valentine and Oasis thrown in a blender with a handful of mdma. Last Victorian Death Squad have been purveyors of violent noise and blissful melodies since they formed in 2017 and consists of b – vox x […]